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Reunited, and It Feels So Good

My 20-year high school reunion was this past weekend, and I didn’t go. My school’s tradition of holding reunions over the Thanksgiving holiday initially seemed quite clever to me, but in the end presented insurmountable logistical challenges, so we went … Continue reading

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BFFs: Best Friends Formerly

While cruising recently (my guilty pleasure – makes the mommy time-outs so much more effective, really) I came across a short video post of some stupid talk show in which Sandra Bernhard was explaining why she and Madonna are … Continue reading

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Book At That!

Like many of my mommy friends, I have a little fantasy about writing children’s books. I’ve wanted to write children’s books since I was a kid myself, although the truth of the matter is that I think I had better … Continue reading

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No Peas, Please

Of all my shortcomings as a parent, the one of which I am most embarrassed is my children’s picky eating. Going into this (“this” being “parenthood”) I was resolute that my children would be healthy eaters, eating vegetables and the … Continue reading

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A few things keeping me happy right now…

Obsessed with this video. I’m quite sure that I like it more than my kids and am aspiring to  embody the song’s message. Ah, to be as cool as and to dance like those muppets… My aerolatte milk frother. … Continue reading

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Life in the Fast Lane

In one of my other lives, I write about cars. It’s true. I have driven many nice cars at very high speeds, both on the track and off, which is why it’s not funny at all that I’ve gotten two … Continue reading

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I Am Ready For Some Football

It is undoubtedly fall in the city of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.  The leaves are piling up faster than we can rake them and the change of season sniffles are upon us.  I love the fall.  I love it … Continue reading

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The Nudist Colony

My understanding is that there’s some sort of “rule” (so many rules….) for parenting that dictates that children should be prevented from seeing their opposite-sex parent naked after age 3. I am in flagrant violation of this rule. This isn’t … Continue reading

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The Babymoon

This is how my life looked earlier this year: I began every morning with a yoga class overlooking the ocean; after class, a scrumptious breakfast and the newspaper were delivered to my room; afternoons were filled with naps and walks … Continue reading

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