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Stop the Ark Building – Hell is Freezing Over!

Yes, we’ve been slacking this holiday season. We think you know why, and we are sure you share our priorities. In addition, all the little mamas, as well as all the little children, have been ridiculously, chronically sick en masse … Continue reading

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And Now, For Your Christmas Reading Pleasure…

A friend of mine has a great tradition of gifting each of her children with a new Christmas book at the start of each holiday season, which I’ve now started with my own family. I try to find unique collectibles or … Continue reading

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30 Minutes and Good Tunes

This Me Time category is lonely. Nobody posts anything here because none of us have any Me Time to write about. Ah, the glory of being a busy wife, mother, professional, etc. If I had my druthers, I’d take a … Continue reading

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Sometimes You’re the Pig, Sometimes You’re the Monkey

A friend of mine posted this to Facebook yesterday, wondering where he can get a monkey for his small dog, Audrey. I have three such monkeys at my house, and I so relate to this pig. At least this video … Continue reading

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Tis the Season To Be Germy

Fa la la la la! I am currently home with a preschooler who, in typically helpful fashion, elected to turn to the right and throw up all over the couch rather than turn left and throw up into the red … Continue reading

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