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Minding Manners, by Bravo

I love reality television. There, I said it, and for all the world to hear. I cannot be peeled away from The Bachelor, despite the fact that it’s the same storyline/characters/events over and over again (and even though this is … Continue reading

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Controlling Parking Lot Chaos

I’ve written and read far too many articles about the surprisingly high incidence of non-traffic accidents involving children. This means that the number of children who are injured – sometimes fatally – in parking lots and even their own driveways … Continue reading

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What I Love Right Now…

The buzz of the movie awards season – this is my sport – fashion, hype, giddy celebs and lots of great films to see. The one significant snowfall we’ve had so far this winter…I’m pining for more, but am happy … Continue reading

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My Three Sons

In my three pregnancies, we never found out what we were having in advance. There are so few happy surprises in life, and I have a much greater need for happy surprises than a need to know what’s going to … Continue reading

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