What I Love This Morning

My keratin express blowout. Unlike the Brazilian blowout, this one involves vitamins as opposed to formaldehyde (yuck). I do suspect there’s something less-than-ideal in there, but it doesn’t gas out the salon so as far as my stylist and I can tell it’s no worse than a perm. It’s not cheap, but done well it lasts 3-4 months and saves me endless, endless time dealing with my bipolar hair.

I love the household hint to use my potato ricer to squeeze liquid out of spinach. Brilliant.

Trader Joe’s frozen mini croissants. After a new year’s brunch brought out my four-year-old’s inner Frenchman, croissants are on the dining rotation. I’m sure the ones from Williams-Sonoma that Oprah handed out on her “favorite things” show are even better, but these are (a) $3.99 for 8, versus $45 plus shipping and (b) appropriate portion sizes for something half butter. Bon appétit mon frère!

I love that whenever I am wondering where the baby has disappeared to, he’s in the bathroom brushing his teeth. He just hops up on the stool, grabs one of his big brothers’ toothbrushes, and scrubs away. What goes up, however, cannot get down, so when I hear whining that’s the signal that he’s stuck on the stool.

My Uline packing tape dispenser. I don’t know what’s more satisfying – the riiiiiiiiiiiippp! sound it makes as the tape rolls out smooth as can be, or the fact that it never, ever gets all balled up. If you are moving, or, I don’t know, preparing for a rummage sale, the $15 investment in one of these gadgets will save your sanity.

I love anything monogrammed, and will pretty much put my initials on anything that will sit still long enough. In the past few months I have monogrammed my cell phone case, my clogs, and even my minivan. My two favorite online places for fun, preppy, monogrammed stuff (because there isn’t any such place where I live) are Three Hip Chicks and The Pink Monogram.  For baby gifts, I go to So Cute And Cozy, which has the cutest little loveys you’ve ever seen, all monogrammed up and ready to roll.


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