The Secret to Great Pancakes

I am a decent cook. I actually really like to cook. However, whenever I’ve attempted to make my family pancakes, it’s a disaster that produces piles of heavy discs with a glue-like texture. No one likes them. No one eats them and everyone politely leaves them on their plates while sneaking handfuls of cereal into their pockets. Thus, our freezer has been populated by boxes of Eggo frozen mini-pancakes since that’s as good as it’s been bound to get around here.

Until recently. Enter my friend and chef extraordinaire Tripp Rion, owner of Twisted Food Catering and food tip blogger to the masses.

We can’t seem to get enough of our pal’s (a proud Papa to a lovely daughter) blog. It’s full of great food tips, his writing keeps us in stitches and the pictures he uses often give new meaning to a picture telling a thousand words.

His brilliant solution to my pancake problem? Club soda. That’s right, substitute club soda for the water or milk in the batter and you get light, fluffy pancakes that your family will devour. You can read his whole post on this tip here (it’s blissfully short). It’s breakfast for dinner night at my house tonight and maybe tomorrow and the next day too.

not just for drinking anymore

The icing on the pancake? You can also use any leftover club soda to mix yourself a cocktail at the end of the day. Once the kids are in bed, of course…

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  1. Thanks for the props! Today I posted a recipe, Twinkie Sushi, get your kid’s trying “sushi” this way and your next attempt at the real thing may go smoother! Tripp w/

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