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Maggie Goes On a Diet: Our Take

Our June 2011 Mama of the Month, Dr. Logan Levkoff, was recently on GMA talking about Maggie Goes on a Diet.Β Β The book has been making more than a few waves with its subject matter (spoiler alert: Maggie goes on a … Continue reading

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Silver & Gold

I have to admit I do take time for myself thanks, in part, to my husband, who is very supportive. Β I am assuming he realizes I am a much better wife and mother when I do it. I also think … Continue reading

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There’s an App for That

Try as we might to distance ourselves from total dependence on technology, we often find ourselves wondering how mamas in previous eras did without its modern marvels. Technology magically gets a myriad of things – from diapers to already-wrapped birthday … Continue reading

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Helping Kids With Loss

My father died unexpectedly a few months ago, followed not long after by some other deaths close to our family. Any loss is difficult to process, but especially so for a young child with no preparation whose parents are also … Continue reading

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Meagan Francis

You may know this mama of five already since her writing has appeared everywhere from Parenting mag to, not to mention the books she’s authored. Meagan Francis, woman extraordinaire, is our August Mama of the Month. She is the … Continue reading

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