How to Make a Monogram Stencil

Last week I posted about making a stencil using freezer paper, and for that one I did a single initial. Now I am going to show you how to make a monogram – whoopee! – which if you are like me is a skill you will find all kinds of useful.

I Googled “how to make a monogram” and found a whole bunch of tutorials that were frankly really confusing and in some cases offered cheesy results. Hacking around in Powerpoint I figured out how to do it on my own, and frankly it was so easy I felt stupid for not going that route in the first place. To start, launch Powerpoint and open a blank template. Then create a text box and put in your first letter, making it a nice large font. Do the same for your next two letters so that you have each letter of the monogram in its own text box. I used Century Schoolbook Bold and made my side letters 250 pt and the middle letter 400 pt.

Now comes your big technology move: click on one of the boxes, hold down the “Shift” button, and click the other two boxes. Poof! All three boxes are now active!

Now: even more fancy. Go to “Format” on your toolbar (the box just to the left of “Slide Show”). Click on “Arrange”, then “Align or Distribute” and “Align Middle”.

Now your boxes are all lined up evenly across the middle axis! You will still want to tweak things a bit so that your outside letters are at the distance you like from the middle one; I tried the “Distribute Horizontally” function but just didn’t like the results and decided it was easier to move things around myself. To do this, just click outside the text boxes so none are active, then click one of the side letters to activate that box and slide it right or left until it’s where you want it to be. Do the same for the other side letter.

Well hot damn, look at that!

I would recommend saving your finished monogram as a .jpg so you can insert it as a photo anywhere you might like (custom stationery, mommy calling cards, etc.), but I’d also recommend saving the original Powerpoint file separately so you can tinker with the color, font, etc. in the future without having to go back to the drawing board, as they say. Keep in mind that font style changes might require some adjustments to size and alignment.

Once you’re done, you can print your monogram out onto regular paper, trace the monogram onto the paper side of freezer paper, and voila! A stencil!

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  2. Thanks for an easy tutorial.

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