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Jean Di Maria

Jean Di Maria is a wife and mother to two young boys.  She started her blog, Moody Maria, as a way to review makeup and beauty products for her friends and family and it grew from there.  Living with three males that … Continue reading

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Barre DVDs – The Pain and the Glory

As previously established, I am easy prey for the workout DVD that promises miracle results. Especially if they are endorsed by Kelly Ripa. Kelly Ripa’s physique sort of frightens me, yet I am inexorably drawn. I long to be lean … Continue reading

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“Squirt Me Some Of That” – RHONY Season 5, Episode 13 Recap

After a full hour of Juicy Joe’s post-nursing nipples on Sunday (his moobs look just like my female pug’s tummy, who was rescued from a puppy mill considerably worse for wear, except she has eight nipples and he thankfully only … Continue reading

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My Son Vinny

It occurred to me recently that I am Vinny’s mother. You know, Vinny, the kid from Jersey Shore? Whose mom waits on him hand and foot, who brings trays of lasagna, ziti, and parmagiana in the trunk of her big Caddy, … Continue reading

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How To Behave Ven Confronted With A Non-Model Physique

I haven’t started writing about Project Runway yet because the first couple of episodes are always sort of stupid. The focus seems to be on the quirky characters – the confused, language-barred people, the hippies who don’t use scissors because … Continue reading

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“I Don’t Need Mario To Fight My Bottles” – RHONY Season 5, Episode 12 Recap

Hi ho, hi ho! Hope your summer is winding up nicely. Here’s the news: * This week’s biggest news is actually about a real housewife, not a Real Housewife: if you follow RH blogs you may have heard of LynnNChicago, … Continue reading

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Hurrah for Minne Wonka

I have a number of friends who dream of owning a bed-and-breakfast someday. I dream of owning a summer camp. My fantasy turned to longing when Martha Stewart featured Camp Wandawega in her June 2012 issue. David Hernandez and Tereasa … Continue reading

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“It’s Called a Clitoris Iguana” – RHONY Season 5, Episode 11 Recap

Howdy ho, my friends! Are we all experiencing an Olympic hangover? I was really loving the Olympics until my friend Bernard Lagat was punched in the back twice during the 5000m on Saturday, followed by a tripping that required stitches. … Continue reading

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Back to School: Chair Pockets (Tutorial)

Yesterday was my kids’ first day of school! Isn’t that horrifying? I recall when the first day crept from the day after Labor Day to the late days of August, but single-digits of August is another thing altogether. We got … Continue reading

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“I Want to Fork You In the Ham” – RHONY Season 5, Episode 10 recap

Well, we all know that’s not really what the guy with the megaphone said, but I can’t be using dirty words in a post title, now can I? We’ll get to the best part later. But first, the news. The … Continue reading

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