Preppy Pumpkins

I hate Halloween. THERE, I SAID IT!

I don’t really, really, hate Halloween; I love the dressing up, I like candy as much as anyone else. Love fall, love carving pumpkins, etc. I don’t love the extravaganza that Halloween has become. Every August when Grandin Road and the like start filling my mailbox with page upon page of nasty ghouls and cobwebs with which to festoon my abode, my recycling bin becomes more and more stuffed.

My kids love it, though, and as boys they like the creepy stuff. I do have a giant air-pumped ghost my mother sent a few years ago, and during fall break we made these awesome glowing eyes inspired by All For The Boys. We now have a row of spooky eyeballs glowing in our front window.

Over the weekend my oldest and I were in Michaels and I picked up some foam pumpkins. I was originally thinking I’d do some decorative painting like the chevron stripes I saw in Country Living, or maybe polka dots and whatnot such as Jennifer did over at IHeart Organizing. I started off spray painting my pumpkins white.

It didn’t take very well. I am sure I did something wrong (like failing to prep my pumpkins by sanding them or something), but who can be bothered? One can of spray paint later I was starting to think about taking a blowtorch to them when I remember this:


Oh yes. Those are LILLY PULITZER PUMPKINS. That’s my kind of Halloween.

The Pink Pelican (one of my favorite online shopping destinations for all my things Lilly) had a great tutorial on their blog, using Lilly Pulitzer cocktail napkins. Sadly, I do not have any Lilly cocktail napkins in stock. Just as I was about to order some I remembered what DO have, in bulk supply:

A substantial quantity of pink and green cocktail napkins left over from my recent birthday extravaganza.

Working section-by-section with a little Mod Podge and torn up sections of napkins, I made one pumpkin pink, one green, and one sort of quilty. I gave them a quick spray with glitter spray paint because as any good Housewife knows, a little glitter will cover a multitude of sins.

The end result is charming, if flawed. Just as the original Lilly’s wild prints covered up many a juice-stand stain, they also clearly make up for the wrinkles in napkins Mod Podged to a cheap craft-store pumpkin. (Which is why a girl or a pumpkin should always wear a print of tigers swinging from chandeliers, martinis in hand.) But I sort of dig ’em. Definitely more my kind of Halloween, at any rate.

They definitely needed the bows, I think.

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