{diy} Couch Cuddles

Now working on day 8 of the ick (day 11 if you count the stomach ick that rolled right into this ick). I got a prescription for the sinus infection that has resulted the other day, but it’s pretty nasty and taking some time to move on. Thus this morning I took a large dose of kids’ Sudafed (grape flavored, gross) – the kind they make meth from – and the resulting tweak has (a) decongested my head, thank God, and (b) left me with such an abundance of energy that I have gotten a million things done and feel like David Silver when he was doing the graveyard shift on the college radio station.

I plan to quit the Sudafed before it jeopardizes my relationship with Donna Martin Mr. Little Mama. 

Anyway. One of today’s projects (yes, just one of today’s projects – that’s how tweaked I am!) was to make a totally awesome couch blanket following Aesthetic Nest’s tutorial. I absolutely love everything Anneliese does, and admire the grace with which she does it. I on the other hand am far less graceful and significantly less talented, especially in the sewing department. Nonetheless I was able to pull a finished project off with the limited self-taught skills I possess – which means you can do this too! To get a real idea of how to do this, go check out Anneliese’s tutorial based on the mini-cuddle blankets she made her daughters for Christmas. All you are going to get here are my shortcuts 🙂

First order of business is finding the right minky fabrics to make the dream blanket. I bought three yards of cream shag off Etsy, and found another three yards of a natural/latte print floral minky online, both 60″ wide. Second order of business is figuring out how to work with a giant carpet of slippery minky.

laying it outI decided the easiest way to handle this was to fold the fabric diagonally to make a square, then measure off another 12″ at one end to get a 60×72″ rectangle.

Once I got my pieces cut and cleaned up the icky edges I laid the fabrics out with the right sides in to figure out how I was going to assemble and edge the main blanket. Anneliese did her edges with a “self-binding” technique. This seemed far too complicated for me what with the super furry shag minky, so I ended up just skipping the binding altogether and sewing the damn thing like normal. Which was just fine. I pulled the blanket outside-out through a small hole I left along one seam, then hand-sewed that bit together.


Main blanket done, I made the foot pocket using what was left of the two fabrics following the same process. The foot pocket ended up being 60″ wide (good thing, since it was supposed to match the blanket!) and I don’t know how tall, maybe 24″. I sewed it just like the first, then hand sewed it onto the bottom of the big blanket because it was obvious at this point that my sewing machine lacks the power to sew through four layers of furry minky. My basting stitch sort of bunches up the shaggy minky but a little rubbing fluffs it right up. I did not sew the pocket support Anneliese did strictly because I can envision the people getting tangled up in it and ripping it open.

About 90 tweaking minutes later, the end result holds at least one large and two small people.

100_0655Very cozy. Mr. Little Mama and I are looking forward to a snuggle during “Downton Abbey” tonight. Happy early Valentine’s Day to both of us!


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