Project πŸ“Œ DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

Today I have a fabulous DIY project to show you!


I just love candles in mason jars. A few summers ago I bought a package of half-pint jars and some light wire and made wonderful little candleholders to hang among the trees; however, when I went to go set them out I got really nervous that I might set my trees – and from there my house, and from there the entire desert – on fire. So I put them away. It has recently occurred to me that replacing the tea lights with LED lights would solve that problem (note to self).

We’ve been having dinner outside every night for the last few weeks and I’ve been feeling like we need a little boost in the lighting. I’ve seen some cool candle chandeliers made out of mason jars and canning racks in articles about wedding style, so on Saturday Mr. Little Mama and I made two ourselves! Easy peasy!

The supplies:


In the bag are eight lengths of chain, four feet long each. I picked a light, aesthetically pleasing chain and had the helpful hardware man cut them for me. I also got some “8” hooks (like S hooks, but fully closed) and two eye hooks. Canning racks are about $9 each at my store, and pint jars about $1 each. I also picked up some light steel wire “just in case” which ended up being very helpful.


First we took the handles off the canning rack. The rack will hold six jars around the side and one in the center; we looped the wire around each exterior jar and twisted it onto the rack just to make sure each jar was at least slightly secure. To hold the center jar on we looped the wire around the lip and then secured it across to each side; the wire is fine and inconspicuous so you really don’t even notice it.

Mr. Little Mama supplied the tools: a couple of pliers and a wire cutter. He drilled holes into the patio roof to secure the eye hooks, then manhandled the chain into place. By opening the last loop of the chain and re-closing it around the rack in four places where the bottom frames attach to the side frames our hanging mechanism was secured. We then opened an 8-hook, attached the free end of all four chains to one loop, and hung the apparatus from the eye hook with the other.

masonjar3We made two of these babies in less than 90 minutes (including a break to wash the dogs after Little decided to sprinkle them with dirt) with under $100 in supplies. If I had jars and a canning rack lying around the house, or sourced them from Goodwill or something, they would have been cheaper, but for me time is money so Ace Hardware it was. The extra pint jars came in handy for the batch of Peep-infused vodka I made for Easter.

I am using LED tealights because I am still terrified of burning down the house. A girl can’t be too careful!


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  1. tonya says:

    I love this idea but for some darn reason it wont let me pin it on pinterest!

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