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Things I Am Looking Forward To In The New Season of RHONJ 📋 Top 5

I have been persuaded by some of you lovelies to take on recapping RHONJ this season. I have been reluctant to do so in the past because it’s just too fractious and the family aspect maybe too close to home. … Continue reading

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Changing Cabana 📌 DIY

I am working my way toward a recap of our end-of-school splash party last week, really I am. But in the meantime I thought I’d share a super easy DIY for a backyard changing cabana. First off, I want to … Continue reading

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Ravioli and Meatball Soup 🍴 What’s For Dinner Wednesday

Ermagherd the flurry of mayhem that has been the last week. I don’t even want to talk about it – I am still trying to get caught up and “reset”. Speaking of, last night’s dinner was an effort to “reset”; … Continue reading

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Songs That Remind Me of Riding In The Third Row 📋 Top 5

We had our annual last-day-of-school splash bash yesterday, this one with a VW bus theme. More on that next week. But after dropping my kids off for their last day yesterday and racing off on last minute errands, it occurred … Continue reading

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Caprese Salad with Corn and Avocado 🍴 What’s for Dinner Wednesday

We are having the craziest week here. CRAZY. Today is Big’s actual 9th birthday, and tomorrow is the last day of school. We invited both Big and Middle’s entire classes over for our annual last day splash bash after the … Continue reading

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Camp Big 🎈 Celebrate

This past Friday night we had Big’s 9th birthday party – a backyard campout. We invited a handful of Big’s friends, many of whom had younger siblings who are friends with Medium, for a total of 15 with ours included. … Continue reading

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Say Hello to My Little Friends 🍅 Garden

I know some people are barely into spring yet but with Memorial Day a week from today (!!!) and our possible first 100 degree day of 2013 this week it really is summer for us. We  had a monkey-crazy weekend … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap-Up 💡 Inspiration

Hello, friends! Hope you are having a great weekend. I am cleaning up and recuperating after a backyard campout for Big’s 9th birthday last night. My yard looks like a herd of wild pigs ran through and we’re going to … Continue reading

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Follow Me!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin! I just started using Bloglovin to organize all my favorite blogs in one convenient place, and ohmiword am I so glad. I can easily scan through to see what’s new and find the stuff I … Continue reading

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The Grumpy Chop Salad 🍴 What’s For Dinner Wednesday

I made dinner for friends who had an illness in the family on Saturday, and the best part was that I basically made one big meal and split it in two – half for us, half for them. Voilà! Dinner … Continue reading

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