Hello, Gorgeous! DIY Stenciled Doormat πŸ“Œ DIY

Have you ever picked up the HGTV magazine?


I didn’t need another magazine to fall in love with, and yet fall I have. It’s all easy DIY home inspiration and how-to with lots of color. Speak my name, HGTV!

In the current issue (cover above), there was an easy how-to do DIY a stenciled doormat using a custom stencil from Stencilease. Just what my front patio needed – I bought a bright blue-and-yellow welcome mat at Target a few years ago, but it has long since lost its vibrancy and punch. For $35 odd bucks in a week I had my custom stencil.

doormat1Yes, that says “hello, gorgeous”. It actually has an exclamation point at the end but I somewhat overestimated the generosity of my doormat so it didn’t quite make it. I could have gone with “hi” or “welcome” or even “go away” (maybe should have gone with “go away” since our very first post-doormat bell-ringers were a pair of sketchy Teens for Jesus Against Drugs solicitors), but no. “Hello, gorgeous”, I decided, was what I wanted our visitors to hear as a welcome. Put smiles on their faces, right?

I picked up a basic coir doormat and two cans of paint at Home Depot. I sort of think Lowe’s is for women and Home Depot is for men, no? Anyway, a quart of each color is what I got, which is way more paint that I actually needed for this project but I am going to use the rest for other stuff to come. I also got a stencil paintbrush and oh how glad I am. I was thinking I really needed one of those flat-headed foam dabber things, but the brush was exactly what was needed to get the paint down in there.

The HGTV how-to said to apply a “generous” coat of paint, then let dry for 10 minutes before lifting straight up. I applied two generous coats to make sure it really got in there.

doormat2I did “gorgeous” first, then turned the whole thing 180 degrees and did “hello” from upside down. 30 or so minutes later, voila!

doormat3Cute, no?

doormat4It perfectly picks up the colors in my Adirondack chairs and the throw pillows (also painted by moiself).

doormat5Our front patio had sort of been lacking for a while but now it’s a nice place to hang out and enjoy the mountain view. (I don’t know what’s going on with the color in this photo – obviously need to play a little more with my camera settings.)

So there it be – could your doormat use an upgrade?

This Little Mama DIY stenciled doormat

P.S. We have a winner in the Georgie Porgie giveaway! Thanks to all who entered and to Georgie Porgie for the gift set!

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