Easy Throw Pillows 📌 DIY

Do you ever see something on the intertubes and think “I can make that…“? Well, this morning I happened upon this on Joss & Main:

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 8.17.07 AM


already made that. There are two of them sitting on my couch right this second.



The fabric is something called Make Waves in Sorbet by Waverly. I got a yard online from a Canadian fabric store called Tonic Living for all of $18.95. I am sure I could have found it in the United States and probably lost out in the exchange rate or something, but it’s a really nicely organized and navigable website, with all good stuff and no junk. One yard of fabric = two pillows, for half the price of the single one currently for sale on Joss & Main. Mine doesn’t have piping, but who cares about that.

There are a lot of easy envelope pillow tutorials to be found out and about on the intertubes, but I personally used and like this one from The Happy Housie. One seam up, one seam down. Done and done. There’s something cathartic about successfully sewing something you can use. Start sewing envelope pillows and you just might not be able to stop.

I got the same fabric in Bluebell and made a pair of pillows for our bed, too, which you might remember.



I feel so ahead of the trends now.

beautiful day

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