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Harry Potter Pumpkins πŸŽƒ Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We finally hit it with this holiday last night. I think we have three costumes now. I have had ONE Halloween project on a low simmer all month, and that was to make Harry Potter-inspired pumpkins. A dear … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Chili with Sausage and Peppers 🍴 What’s For Dinner Wednesday – and GIVEAWAY!

There’s finally a chill in the air, I’ve finally got my Halloween ducks in a row (Medium’s Chuck Norris trucker hat better come in today’s mail!), and we’re finally carving our pumpkins tonight. This is an intentional last-minute project; carved … Continue reading

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BRADA Desktop Easel πŸ’‘School Stuff

As I continue to learn about learning disabilities, I am continually amazed by how the brain works, especially the complexity behind what seem like the simplest actions. Over the weekend I took Small to a touristy Wild West park near … Continue reading

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That’s “PUNKKKKKKKK” With An Emphasis On The “K” 🍷 Project Runway All-Stars Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

It’s All-Stars, bitches! That’s right, Another season of PRAS is upon us. It cannot top the first which had Mondo finally, bitterly claiming his rightful place as the winner of Project Runway. I love All-Stars because they hand-pick the best … Continue reading

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Inappropriate Halloween Costumes for Kids πŸŽƒ Top 5

I am not ready for Halloween. We only just finalized costume concepts for the full trio yesterday, and none of the materials are yet in hand. This weekend’s Cub Scout campout for Big, Medium, and Mr. Little Mama has given … Continue reading

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The 30 Day Challenge 🎽 Mommy Improvement – and GIVEAWAY!

The fitness club/camp/whatever where I work out regularly is launching a 30 day challenge today, wherein participants are encouraged to clean things up and set and achieve their own goals for self-improvement before Thanksgiving and the holidays roll around. I’m … Continue reading

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Enchiladas Two Ways 🍴 What’s For Dinner Wednesday

One of the blogs I love most is Aesthetic Nest. Anneliese has such a beautiful, gentle, gracious way with everything she does (whereas I feel lumbering and clumsy most of the time). With three girls she gets to spend a … Continue reading

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Help! I’m age 41 and Failing 4th Grade Math! πŸ’‘ School Stuff

Big is a 4th grader this year and we both are struggling with math. I am pretty sure his 4th grade math is about what I was assigned in 5th grade, and I almost failed that the first time because … Continue reading

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It’s Handled! 🍷 Project Runway Season 12 Finale Recap

We have a winner, people! In the past the pre-Fashion Week elimination episode was treated as Part 1 of the finale, and in that spirit I am going to cover last week’s episode in THIS finale recap, because I was … Continue reading

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Soup n’ Sandwich Night 🍴 What WAS For Dinner On Wednesday

I love October. Or, I should say, historically I love October. Now that I am a mom with school-aged kids, October has become a struggle for me. We start things off with our anniversary, then fall break (which is a … Continue reading

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