Soup n’ Sandwich Night 🍴 What WAS For Dinner On Wednesday

I love October. Or, I should say, historically I love October. Now that I am a mom with school-aged kids, October has become a struggle for me. We start things off with our anniversary, then fall break (which is a whole week next year!), then this week, which is conference week (three half days), then wrap things up with Halloween and the Fall Festival at school. Plus four soccer practices and two games per week, the Cub Scout campout, and all the usual life stuff. I still want to love October even if it doesn’t love me back anymore.

Take yesterday: why didn’t I blog? I’ll tell you why. After getting the kids to school I had 45 minutes to take care of some critical tasks like paying bills and replying to client emails before racing out the door to run the Books and a Bite snack event for the school book fair, followed immediately by running a Cub Scout swimming outing for 15 little boys. 6.5 hours later I got to shower and by that time I was poot. Poot, I say! Thank God for Medium, who gave me an extensive, head-to-toe massage. And Thank God for Soup & Sandwich night, but more on that later.

Medium is my oft-neglected child; he’s not the baby, and he’s not the oldest who needs more help with school. Medium is my wise old man in a 40-lb. body and Angry Birds boxer briefs, lately cruising greater Southern Arizona in a pair of rather feminine and oversized sunglasses acquired on the beach in Mexico. I had Medium’s school conference today and am so pleased his teacher has really gotten to know HIM, because he is a special kid. She also like me fears there’s more than a little Ted Cruz in him – he’s not hesitant to create a fiasco and then just walk off. But that’s a political digression that we can all agree is best left behind at the moment. Along with a number of other bloggers I was asked by Campbell’s soup to share my kid’s wisdom with The Wisest Kid, and I had plenty to choose from.


What to offer from Medium? His conviction that a fierce mustachio is in his future, because he’s Italian? His announcement that the man in the white suit collecting change for charity on the street corner must be the new Pope? His description of our vacation destination as “the bottom” of Mexico? (No one wants to visit “the bottom” of Mexico. The south, maybe.) It had to be short, so I simply offered Medium’s observation about nutrition in defense of vacation-permitted-only Frosted Flakes: “Sugar and grain; badness and goodness. That’s a balance!” Yes indeed, if it was left to Mr. Pickety Pick we’d all be eating cereal all day and all night. And maybe now fish after a positive beach reception last week. On a night like last night, serving cereal for dinner actually seemed like an attractive option. But thankfully I had a new pantry stockpile of some of Campbell’s funnest soups for kids. campbellsSoup can be a tough sell with my kids, especially Medium. But Super Mario soup? SOLD! My kids are also fans of choice, which old-schoolers like my Mama tsk-tsk offering kids. However, I’ve found that spinning dinner or any kind of a bar is not only well-received, but also the best way to get my kids to try something new (whether they intend to or not). So last night we had Super Mario Soup and panini bar – BLTs, ham and swiss, and my kids’ favorite, Italian grilled cheese, featuring cheddar, fresh mozzarella, and bacon. What makes it Italian? Well, as Medium would tell you, “cheese plus meat equals Italiano!” Voila, dinner was served. Bon appetit my wise little Italiano. What does your Wisest Kid have to say? Share your kid’s wisdom at!  

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  1. Love the new soup options for kids! My wise kid is not a soup lover yet but give me time …

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