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The Mo Bitch Project: Return To The Woods 🍷RHONY Season 6 Episodes 8 and 9 Recap

I have no idea why Mr. Andy decided to replay last season’s incredibly lame 100th episode RHOC show, but I am damn grateful because (a) I got a good night’s sleep, and (b) I now have the chance to catch … Continue reading

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The Dejamming of Vicki Gunvalson’s Sphincter🍷RHOC Season 9 Episode 5 Recap

We are 33% on summer vacation at the Rancho. Two school projects, one school event, one birthday overnight, and one mega class party to go and we’re all in, babies. Can you believe it? I am sure those of you … Continue reading

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Peculiarly Penile Party Foods🎈Top 5

If you follow me on Facebook, you may (depending on whether your algorithm and my algorithm are friends) seen a post of mine about oddly phallic children’s party foods I stumbled across. The fact that the bloggers posting these things … Continue reading

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“I Wish I Was Drunker”🍷RHOC Season 9 Episode 4 Recap

Back to the OC, where Mr. Shannon has arranged to sweep his long-neglected wife off to a weekend at the St. Regis! One night only and on 20 minutes notice. And I am instantly confused: 1) didn’t Shannon tell us … Continue reading

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Teacher Appreciation💡Top 5

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week (May 5-9), and Pinterest abounds with inspiration. Much of which is not, in fact, inspired by the wants or wishes of actual teachers. For example: Or: Or: Cute? Possibly. Practical? Appreciative? Well…. I, too, … Continue reading

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“It’s Acidic. Like Urine.”🍷RHONY Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

In last week’s unrecapped episode, we began to witness the unraveling of Sonja With A Sexy J and the collapse of the SoMo Sisterhood. Why it has taken us six seasons to get to this inevitable denouement I do not … Continue reading

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