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Mind Your Manners and Eat Your Vegetables – Made Fun! πŸ… Giveaway

My dear friend Brian, who in the past has introduced me to homemade big-batch limoncello and dandelion greens, most recently introduced me to Georgie Porgie, a clever new online boutique offering a vintage spin on thoroughly eternal parenting challenges: getting … Continue reading

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The Word

Yesterday was the 2013 day to commit to ending the use of the “r” word. I think you know which word I mean, and as today’s the day after I am not going to use the word. When I was … Continue reading

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On Manners

Since Mother’s Day was just upon us, I feel entitled to get on my motherly high horse and rant about how dismal people’s manners have become. I don’t care to delve into a lengthy discussion about WHY everyone’s lost any … Continue reading

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Minding Manners, by Bravo

I love reality television. There, I said it, and for all the world to hear. I cannot be peeled away from The Bachelor, despite the fact that it’s the same storyline/characters/events over and over again (and even though this is … Continue reading

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